Luna de la Sky ~ Chapter VII ~ Preparation

Although they had been spending all of their time together, excepting Kai and Galla, nobody really knew of them. Their journeys, shared between two emerging souls reaching for the embrace of each other, found that rare and passionate bliss of accepted, enclosed, circular comfort. These shared histories joined them together, intertwined, irrevocably. Luna was exhilarated almost constantly, elated with the fresh wash of love. Since discovering Chloe worked with Gretchen, a small sense of concern had enveloped her. Luna was certain of her feelings for Chloe, and had never doubted them, but understood that her history left her open, left her exposed to considerations of being taken advantage of. She could see the relationship and how it could be perceived against her own shortcomings. However, this Thursday night, her mind was on the clothing and on Chloe, the unrelenting liquidness of her eyes, and on their date, tonight, dinner.

Chloe was reacting in much the same way, history hampering her ability of effectively apply her makeup. The past few days have been interesting for Chloe. She had informed her mother, who had not reacted as well as assumed she would, unable to understand how Chloe could date someone so young, over 25 years her junior. Her mother had lost her perfect life partner and could not understand Chloe’s later life attachment to youth. There was discontented pressure, of loss and a life mostly lived when too young to understand the pleasure, swimming beneath her surface. That her mother had highlighted the age difference that had never bothered her before highlighted how much their compatibility with each other eliminated everything else. The disturbing history of Luna in the Tempenka community both explained her strangeness and her otherness as well as her seductive charming allure, Chloe left unsaid to her mother. The other issue was Gretchen, an unknown and strange factor that Chloe could not place. Chloe had not heard Gretchen mention anything regarding fostering. It seemed odd.

The five years for Luna since leaving Tempenka had been long enough to start healing, not forgetting. That was no longer the world she had inhabited now, this one, for all of its dirt and filth, was the once of her future life. Love had not changed her resolve, however it had softened her edgy hardness. This time she had spent in the last month had really deepened her understanding of individuality, of maintaining beauty even within the ugly.

Chloe had planned this intimate night, their first public outing on a date. Opera tickets (a gift from a friend timed perfectly) and then a Salsa-T Witching hour cruise. Chloe had discovered this intriguing combination of a salsa harbour cruise under recommendation of a work colleague, with the late night time fitting perfectly against the end of the opera. After that, Chloe had left places to develop themselves. It was easier to let their love unravel, to savour the experience then to expect outrageous passion that could flatline if too constrained. Their intimacy was both immediate and gradual, enveloping them more slowly than their love, which had been loud and immediate, demanding and precious. The physicality between them tender yet hauntingly expressionistic. They were still growing into the desirable pleasure they wanted, founding roots in the sunshine.

Chloe, wearing a storm blue strapless dress that highlighted her dusk hued skin, was silently willing that the date would at least be a reflection of the relationship so far. Luna, dressed in deep aubergine, waited anxiously for Chloe and the car service. As the car sidled up to the curb, Luna’s phone beeped. She exited her apartment, her shoes echoing on the stairs on the way down, then nodded at the driver as she swung past him into the leather interior.

“You look exquisite” breathed Chloe. Luna smiled, nerves tickling slightly over her racing heart.

“Thank You” Luna spoke softly, overwhelmed momentarily by the grandeur, swallowed shallowly “you are quite stunning yourself.”

The car was quietly humming through the traffic. Chloe took Luna’s hand as she leaned in tempting a kiss. They remained in silence until they sleeked up to the theatre. Luna, familiar with musical and theatrical training with Tempenka, had actually never made it too theatre since coming to the city. The busy social conventions, conversations and greetings swept in with the opera community, lifetime members and season ticket holders alike with the solo show ticket holders, glasses of champagne clinked together. Chloe, a lifetime member, introduced Luna with unconcealed delight to friends and operatic family until the bell sounded, the lights flicked with impatience and the audience drifted towards their seating.

Luna became quite intoxicated with the Opera, the varying hues if the voices, the particular strains of the music, the twisting emotions vibrating intensely through her soul. After the show had finished, they waited a moment as Luna’s breathing and heartbeat spun back to a more relaxed setting. They strolled, still in silence, hands intertwined, out of the theatre and into the waiting car. The silence wrapped around them until Chloe turned and kissed Chloe with such passion that it rendered her immobile. With her soul dancing, Chloe relaxed back into the chair, finally knowing.

Sweaty and exhausted, yet still swinging from the salsa, the car service deposited them outside of Chloe’s apartment. They stood for a moment, wistful, with the two am moon still issuing a silver glimmer behind a half cut cloud. Without Language, they entered pass the doorman and into the elevator. The cold out of the air, they were left with the twinkling of already heightened emotion. They entered past the heavy oak doors, and barely closed them before softly undressing, still without words, gently pursuing one another with confident, exploring hands, lips caressing exposed skin. Their kisses were passionate, evolving into desperate, then feverishly, escalating towards their climaxes, tasting the saltiness of each other, entangled by gleaming sweaty limbs, eventually finding rested, soft positions, slipping unobtrusively into sleep.

“Breakfast?” Luna, naked and still shimmering with beaded water from the shared, lengthy shower as Chloe, towelling herself, asked.

“It is more like lunch, Sadie’s?”


“Oh, you haven’t been? Sadie’s, defiantly then” Luna dried quickly, then rapidly pulled her towel through an airing rack and wondered naked through to the bedroom, searching for clothes. Chloe followed, longing once more for the sharp edges to graze her hips again. Chloe followed Luna’s searching eyes, until they found what they were seeking, her mobile. Chloe intercepted the mobile and held it with a smile.


“Well, Well….” Luna looked up, then away from Chloe’s hand to her gentle form, filtered through the daylight streaming from the windows and fell to wonder all over again. Luna closed the gap quickly and reached to take the mobile, but ran her fingertips over the edge of Chloe’s ribs and as she drew a sharp breath in, slipped her mouth over hers. The distraction allowed Luna to extradite her mobile, then giggle as she turned away.

“Hay, not fair!”

“Yes, it is. We are meeting Kai and Myrk, remember”

“Oh, right”

“It should be fun, I am hungry anyway”

“So am I….”

“Chloe…” then Luna acquiesced, Chloe’s look making her aroused ever more desperately. She texted Kai about timing, then threw her phone to respond to the urgency of Chloe’s touch. It was early afternoon before they wondered out into the daylight, the town car taking them towards Sadie’s, the day respite.

“So what is this place?”


“I got that bit”

“We will need to walk the last bit”


“It is next to our favourite night space, Harper’s. They are referred to as the coin face”


“Flip side of the same coin, mirror reflections of the same. And a town car where we are going is noticeable…in a bad way. That and I will never live it down.”

“Oh. Ok. Is this where you go before morning shift?”

“No. Not Sadie’s. Ash’s Smash repairs. Closer to work, better food. A menu.”

“Should I be worried?”

“About what?”


“No. Kai will be there. As will Myrk. Calm down. They both love you as I do”

“You love me?” a smile crept on Chloe’s face, hesitant.


Chloe leaned over and kissed her, and then pulled back enough to say “I love you” before continuing.


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