Luna de la Sky ~ Chapter VIII ~ Tempus Fugit

“Do you have to work nights?” Chloe asked, running her lips against the white pearl flesh of the inner of Luna’s elbow, “Do you need to leave so early?” she murmured, kissing between the bottom two ribs, floating in the wilderness. Luna sharply breathed in as Chloe released the deliberate feel of moistness between her thighs. Gently, Luna slipped out of Chloe’s kisses before replying.

“Yes. I like working, and no we are not discussing it again. I am having dinner with Kai and Myrk. You can come, you know” Luna by this time was grinning, then quickly kissed a kneeling Chloe before walking out the door. Luna was happy and remarkably contented. She had moved in with Chloe three months previous. She was leaving to have her weekly dinner with Kai before both of their shifts. Kai had kept the apartment, and Myrk moved in. Yet the two of them, still had almost perfect synchronicity between their souls, within their lives. They were no longer the lost children they once were. They now seemed so beyond what they had experienced, they were feeling like adults finally. Their lives had at once diverged, split into the lives that they should have been had they not been raised the way they had and survived the way they had and had twisted the coil of their lives together permanently. Yet, the skill most valuable that they were learning was not to dwell on the broken parts, but how they could reconstruct them. Kai and Luna had only ever learnt to scatter the brokenness between them and hide the remains. Now they were assembling them in their history and leaving them where they belonged.

As she called a cab, her mind drifted back to Chloe. In spite of the deliberate love, there was a subtle pressure from Chloe for Luna to become…something. Go to university, seek a profession, relax. Luna negates all pressure, cannot hide behind the freedom that she ran towards, cannot unsupport herself. She stands against all that she ran from; that communal mindframe, that singularity leader prophet. Luna was never to be a follower again, never going to sequester herself from life. Her relationship with Kai had evolved beyond the inter-dependency of their youth, beyond the birth that put them together and the trauma that etched each other indelibly on to the other, however indelicately together. They have given each other the freedom to shake beyond their past, somewhere scared into them was the belief that they were destined to be together, that the claim of and two each other was holy ordained. Trapped by the severe indoctrination of their youth, it took outsiders not to break the bond but forge a new alliance between their souls. They met for dinner at Ash’s Smash Repairs, a place that had fed them as homeless youth. Jamere brought them their standard order and then left them to their matching voices, melting around each other in a language beyond Jamere’s own.

Returning to the apartment close to nine am, she found Chloe asleep on the sofa. Gently waking her, Luna began to remove Chloe’s grotty clothes, haphazardly pulled on from the dirty was pile.


“Oh. Good morning” Chloe pushed herself up, rubbing her eyes.

“When did you get called in?”

“A while ago. 1130 maybe. Got back at 7ish I guess”

“Ok” Luna knew better than to ask about a night call “Shower”

“That would be lovely” Chloe shifted and stumbled to her feet, and walked towards the bathroom. Peeling off the layers of the outside with their clothes, they climbed in together and shed the world with a kiss. Fresh and clean, they wondered out to the kitchen to have breakfast, relaxed in fluffy robes. They moved around the kitchen, their fatigue even sifting through into each other.

“I have applied for holiday leave” Chloe said.

“Why” Luna asked over the noise of the cutlery moving around in a draw to find the ladle.

“I decided something important”

“Ok” Luna joined Chloe at the table “So…”

“I want a holiday. We haven’t been on one together. We do not see each other nearly as much as we should when we moved in together to do that, but it’s not happening. We deserve time and our shifts spiral us away from each other and…” sliding a small square box across the table “I thought that we could get married”

Luna looked surprised “we have only been together for eight months”

“I have had this since I met you”

Luna hesitated, pause with contemplation. This was not as big a decision as she thought. They had already been made within saying yes to the second date, choosing to kiss again. The decision had been when she moved in together. A fire of a smile burned at the edge of her lips as she sighed to release the heat “Of course”

“Of course to what? The holiday? The engagement? Both?”

“Both. When did you book your leave?”

Chloe relaxed noticeably, not realising just how tense she actually was, and reached over, kissing Luna feverishly, without shield, exposed in a raw new state. Luna, enveloped in themselves, lost her space in the world, yet found her beacon.


“Look. It is not like you can miss it”

“Luna, that is fantastic” Kai, Galla and Myrk were leaping around Luna at Kai’s apartment.

“Details. When?” Galla asked when they had all calmed down.

“Here is what we have planned. In eight weeks, we will get married at the Mai Sans Centre and then have dinner at Ectoria Hotel’s Eloise Club. The next morning we will go to Amberlai Island for two weeks as our honeymoon and we will see you all when we get back.”


“No, Galla. It is not going to be major. We want love to be the most prevalent thing. We are not getting married for a day, we are getting married for the rest of our lives. An extravagant wedding is tacky and pathetic. It’s like they forgot the life that was meant to come after it. Ourselves, our relationship is what matters.”

“Perfect” Galla hugged Luna. The four celebrated, going to Malaree’s, swinging into daylight with the vigour only youth can maintain.

The resort was on an island, one of an archipelago with more infamous neighbours, torn between fending off tourists and making a profit. Owners of the island had blended an exclusivity to a rustic aesthetic, old world money with new world adventure. Luna gently rolled over, breathing in as the white sand scratched at her sharp hip. Luna settled on her back as a gentle hand ran over her stomach and a shadow fell across her face, eclipsing the sun. Chloe leaned in as Luna smiled, running her fingers lightly up her arm, both of them responded to each other as if finally breathing. Chloe relaxed back down on the beach towel, their bodies contrasted, resting into each other, parallels of the sun, complete, relaxed, comfortable. Three days of bliss, three days of rest and replenishment, their souls connecting in the calm between them. Bliss dictated the passion of their days and the ocean of hope swimming inside of them. Three days shattered by a suit with a badge and worlds of attitude. A knock broke their nap, their quiet half sleep.

“Sky” the rusty, whisky voice spoke when she pulled open the door.

“Stoker” a frown and a defeated sigh, Luna exhaled his name.

“May I” he asked, indicating entry.

Luna shook her head, “No” indicating her hastily pulled on robe to Stoker “half hour”

A swift, almost imperceptible nod, then a turn back towards the elevators. Chloe had shifted towards awareness at the knock that had quickly shifted over to curiosity at the voices. At the close of the door, Chloe sat up, then stood, pushing herself off the bed, beautifully naked. Luna, still at the door, blankly staring at deep panel wood.

“Luna?” then “Loven” in a softer, gentler tone. Luna turned and looked towards Chloe, but did not see her, her eyes unfocused and concerned.

“Sorry, Chloe, sorry” the burst into tears, her body shuddering, weakening, slacked against the wall, then wiltered to the floor. Chloe strode the few short steps, then sifted to the ground, encircling her arms around Luna. She held her, time silent, waiting, paused, encompassed in orbits of warmth as Luna unravelled into Chloe, gradually relaxing. Luna ghostly whispered “sorry, chloe, sorry” again while Chloe waited for her to speak.


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