The World of Luna de la Sky

Cast of Characters

Luna de la Sky                             20          Pacer Entertainment Complex

Cello, Piano, Flute

Future Prophet of Tempenka

Kai-Tashka’s Twin

Chloe Karmin Imani                    45          Neurosurgeon

Mathilde Avenue Research Hospital

Owns various industrial estates

Of Sub-Saharan and Haitian descent

Lake St Clair Waterfront

Kai-Tashka Semira                  20          Malaree’s


Future Prophet of Tempenka

Luna’s Twin

Galla Isadora Sali                       21          Pacer Entertainment Complex

Sitar, Violin

Luna’s best friend

Sashenka                                         n/a       Divine Prophet of Tempenka

Stoker                                               n/a       Government Employee for shady secret service or

Homeland Security

Luna’s Handler

Myrk Gerome                                19          Kai’s Partner

Work’s at Malaree’s

Caroline Celestia Xanthe                     Chloe’s Friend

Quentin Zisa Weaver                              Chloe’s Friend

Arlo Kasumi Ryder                                    Chloe’s Friend

Gretchen Zima Enka               n/a       Luna’s foster parent

Forensic Neonatal specialist

Teaches at Law Enforcement Facilities

Uparit Vesna                                                 Kai’s foster Father

Grey Mouren                                 Kai’s foster Mother

Hunter Parker                                               CEO of Rainbeaux Homeless Youth Charity

Host of Esther Ball

Archer                                               26          Programmer

Creator of Archer Artificial Intelligence Program (AAIP)

Owner of Pacer Corporation

Cast of Pacer Staff

Name                                                  Floor                   Band                  Instrument

Calais Rence Dorenia            Alternative      Spenal               Bass & Vocals

Decter Mesa Lucal                   Popular                                              Dancer

Claudia Jean                                 Classical           Xaidia                 Pianist

Xaiden Webster                           Classical           Xaidia                 Violin

Fletcher Omis Hanover         Alternative      Spenal               Guitar & Songwriter

Bree Khiam Cho                        Alternative      Spenal               Drums

Kali Ayesha Stover                 Classical                                           Ballroom Dancer

Laeir Myra Rhoch                      Classical                                           Dancer with Lethe

Eviva Ridge                                   Popular                                              Dancer

Sanihda Terua Talier             Popular                                              Dancer

Lethe Barclay                              Classical                                           Dancer with Laeir

Estella Krya                                  Classical

Walter Drisk                                  Classical

Archer                                               Artificial Intelligence Program (AAIP)

Runs Pacer

Cast of Bands

Milhra                                 Level 1               Popular

Spenal                               Level 2               Alternative      Calais, Fletcher and Bree Khiam

Tanikka                            Level 2               Alternative      Guest Band

Xaidia                                 Level 3               Classical           Claudia Jean & Xaiden Webster

Piper Lahri                      Level 4               Country            Singer/Songwriter Piper Amelia

Guitar/Composer Lahri Bailey

Qira                                    Level 4               Country            Qira Rai-la Madore

Cast of Places and Buisnesses

Pacer Entertainment Complex          Owned by Pacer Corporation

Ash’s Smash Repairs                              Café owned by Jamere

Tempenka                                                       Community Kai and Luna ran away from

Malaree’s                                                          Kai’s employeer

Male Review “Stripper Bar”

Male Only

Harper’s                                                            Dusk till Dawn Performance Zone

Sadie’s                                                              Dawn to Dusk Yellow Painted eatery

CLS Bar                                                       Woody and Smokey Bar

Fire place light only


Ectoria Hotel                                              5 Star Boutique Hotel

Eloise Club                                                   Ectoria’s membership Restaurant

Amberlai Island                                             Part of the Eden St James Archipelago

Ava Acadia Resort                                  Exclusive Resort on Amberlai Island

The City (Raptor City)                        Home of all the Characters

Raptor City Philharmonic Orchestra

Sahntyna                                                         Retro Diner

Rainbeaux Homeless Youth Charity (RHYC)

Clara Mai Sans Centre (CMSC)               Chloe and Luna get married here

Mathilde Avenue Research Hospital

Cast of Events

Esther Charity Ball (ECB) for Rainbeaux Homeless Youth Charity (RHYC)

Smash Punch Women by Ash’s Smash Repairs

Salsa-T Witching hour Cruise

Tranqi Words

Terna                 Calm/Peace

Both an acknowledgement and an acquiescence

Sriah                   A plea for recognition

A plea to yield to listen

Kthia                   Both Hello and Love

Pacer Entertainment Complex by the Pacer Corporation

24 x 7 Operation

7 x Levels

Level 1               Popular Music

Level 2               Alternative

Level 3               Classical/Theatre/Experimental

Level 4               Country/International

Level 5               Children’s/ Young Adults

Level 6               DVD’s

Level 7               Adult Entertainment

3 x Basement

BS1                   Staff                                                                 “BIS”

BO2                  Management Offices                              “BOSS”

Administration Offices

BA3                  The Archers                                                  “The Hive”

Archer Apartment

AAIP Hardware

On Floor houses         A 3 x Tiered Café

A Stage

A Band Area

Merchandise  Shirts


Band and Tour Paraphernalia

Themed Weeks            Country Music Week

Teddy Bear’s Picnic


Glam Rock

Big Band

Shift Times

0700 x 1500

1000 x 1800

1200 x 2000

1700 x 2300

2100 x 0300

2200 x 0800

Performance Times*

3 x Morning

0900 1000 1100

3 x Afternoon

1300 1400 1500

45 x Minute Sets

15 x Minute Sets

*Unscheduled early morning sessions known as “Owling”

Pacer Corporation

Pacer Entertainment Complex          Retail (“Pacer”)

Pacer Music Studio’s                              Recording Studio (PMS)

Pacer Publishing House                         Music Publishing (PPB)

Pacer Emporium Online                         Online Retail, delivers via PCM

Pacer Bootleg Live History               Records touring bands (PBLH)

Releases DVDs and Albums

Pacer Courier Management                 PCM

Ash’s Smash Repairs

24 x 7 Café

Owned and Operated by = Jamere

Feeds Homeless Daily

Hosts Annual Event = Smash Punch Women’s Charity = Supporting Abused women.

Menu Items      Falling Bubble

Shallow River (Thin Soup)

Bundle of Hail

Base Jumper (Starter)

Oak Flame

Trillion Acers


Community x 185 People

Farming – corn/wheat/sugar/cows/chickens/goats

Speak own developed language – Tranqi

150 years developed

Isolated Farmland

Led by prophet and leader Sashenka

Temple + Sashenka = Tempenka

Sashenka is a genderless title.


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