Are you ready?” Chloe called as she walked from the ensuite, pushing the back of the earring into place.

Luna, standing in the stillness of the living room, called, “Yes,” before picking up her clutch, and walking towards the anteroom. Standing, waiting, are the faces of her life, Galla, Abraxas, Jamere, Caro, Arlo and Quin.

You look beautiful,” Chloe said, breathless at the sight of Luna. It is ridiculous she felt this way all the time, “Ready?”

Luna nodded and pressed for the elevator, the group filling it when it arrived.

As they crossed the lobby one the elevator let them out, the doorman opened the external doors to escort the ladies to the waiting car, and with a brief slight hum, they knifed into traffic.

Luna picked up Chloe’s hand to lace their fingers together, squeezing her hand tightly. Feeling her as a reality was infinitely insane. Chloe could tear her apart and put her back together with just her voice.

The speech ready?” Chloe asked.

Luna nodded and smirked, “Can’t wait.”

Silence rested with them for the remainder of the journey. They pulled up to the conference space forty minutes later and walked through the crowd. Finding their names at tables delicately prepared, chatter ensued, small voices becoming a cacophony of noise. Food was served and removed, wine gently flowed through the room, relaxing the participants.

Hunter Parker, CEO of Rainbeaux Homeless Youth Charity and the host of the Esther Ball, stood to the podium while flashing lights dimmed and rose to seek the silence of the crowd. Once the audience calmed, Hunter began.

Welcome to the annual Esther Ball, in support of Rainbeaux Homeless Youth Charity. We welcome tonight Luna de la Sky as our guest speaker. Her story is a fascinating one. Over seven years ago, at fourteen, Luna and Kai-Tashka Semira, escaped an alternative enclosed community with no access to outsiders. Kai, whose death, along with his partner, Gerome, shocked us all was active in HYC programs and while many of us remember him fondly, we had little knowledge of this past. Please welcome Luna de la Sky.”



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